New Master's degree program coming Fall 2023!

The master’s program in urban planning provides students with professional training and expertise in urban planning. The curriculum will meet the American Planning Association’s Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) standard to teach “students the essential knowledge, skills, and values central to the planning profession.”

Curriculum:  The M.A. in urban planning consists of 12 course credits.  Students are required to take four core courses, four required courses, three courses towards a concentration, and a thesis or final project.

Course descriptions are available on the course schedule page​.  You should consult with your academic advisor before registering for courses​.   ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


4 Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Urban Planning
  • Global Cities
  • Leadership in the Policy Arena
  • Public Management

4 Required Courses:

  • 1 Equity Requirement (choose 1 of the following 2)
    • Meds, Eds, Slot Machines, and Stadiums, or
    • Equity and Racial Justice in Planning (New)
  • 1 Practicum Course Requirement: (choose 1 of the following 2)
    • Urban Research Practicum, or
    • Public Policy Practicum
  • 1 Methods Course (Choose 1 of the following 2)
    • Urban GIS Quantitative Analysis and Spatial Statistics for Planners^ (New), or
    • Qualitative Methods for Planners^ (New)
  • 1 Global Studio
    • Urban Planning Global Studio

 3 Courses in a Concentration: Students complete a three-course sequence or concentration in either: Housing and Community Development Planning, or Transportation and Environmental Planning.  Examples:

  • Community Development Strategies (Choose 3 out of the 4)
    • Meds, Eds, Slot Machines, and Stadiums
    • Affordable Housing Policies
    • Real Estate Development and Planning^ (New)
    • Urban Planning Law^ (New)
  • Land Use and Environmental Planning (Choose 3 out of the 4)
    • Architecture and Urban Planning on the Swahili Coast
    • Comparative Planning Perspectives
    • Reshaping Global Urbanization
    • Urban Planning Law^ (New)

1 Thesis Credit or Qualifying Exam Credit